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Why lawn care from TruGreen?

It all starts with TruGreen’s Healthy Lawn Analysis®, a thorough inspection of your lawn to determine its exact needs and potential. From there, your TruGreen lawn care specialist will design a customized lawn care plan and a tree & shrub plan to address your lawn’s unique specifications. Got thinning grass? TruGreen can help. Got chinch bugs or grubs? TruGreen can cure that, too. Read on to find out why else you should choose TruGreen for your lawn care needs.


Greener Grass

TruGreen’s nutrient-dense fertilizer enhances color and shine giving you a greener lawn than you ever thought possible. And with TruGreen’s steady-release application, your lawn will receive a continuous flow of nutrients over time ensuring a lasting, healthy color. Controlling disease is yet another way to protect the color of your grass. TruGreen’s skilled lawn care specialists will spot and treat disease quickly and effectively to prevent your turf from losing its luster.

Stronger Roots

Strengthening the root system is one of the best ways to protect the overall health of your lawn and plants. Immature beetles, otherwise known as grubs, feed on grass roots causing extensive lawn damage. But with TruGreen’s lawn-feeding insect control regimen, your grass can be pre-treated to deter grubs, or spot treated to kill off existing infestations, and will restore your lawn to its natural, healthy state. Tree and shrub roots also need specialized care. Include root zone fertilization with your tree & shrub plan for a direct-to-root application of targeted micronutrients designed to help plants grow and enhance leaf size, color and thickness.

Thicker Turf

Maintaining a thick lawn isn’t always easy, but with growth-stimulating techniques from TruGreen, it’s guaranteed. The first step is weed control. TruGreen offers traditional weed control, carefully applied to protect nearby healthy grass, and all-natural weed control, a technique based on the natural selection of increased grass growth. By crowding out these parasitic plants, your lawn has more room to grow and weeds have less of a chance to destroy your lawn. Lawn aeration can also increase turf thickness and give roots easier access to nutrients, air and water, which allows new grass to germinate and grow.

Healthier Soil

If you have healthy soil, you’ll have a healthy lawn. But only an expert lawn care specialist can confirm it. TruGreen’s lawn care professionals can test the pH balance of your soil to determine its acid to alkaline balance, an indicator of your lawn’s ability to absorb water and nutrients. If the balance is off, your TruGreen specialist can apply the right micronutrients to bring your soil back into balance again.

First Application Only $29.95!1 Call today! 1-866-524-8103

Stronger Trees & Shrubs

No lawn is complete without thick, strong trees and shrubs. With TruGreen’s tree & shrub service, your plants will receive the same detailed attention as your grass will under the lawn care plans. Fertilization, disease and insect control, and targeted trunk injections all help strengthen, cure and beautify your trees and shrubs for a yard that grows in perfect harmony.

Year-Round Care

Taking care of your lawn isn’t just a spring and summer task. Proper lawn maintenance requires year-round care to protect grass and plants from temperature fluctuations, drought and extreme moisture. Hibernating insects can also pose problems for roots, leaves and trunks during the winter months. So call on TruGreen to give your property the seasonal protection it needs.

It’s Guaranteed

If you ever need to adjust your lawn care plan, or you’re just not getting the results you expected, call TruGreen and a lawn care specialist will come out and fix it, at no charge to you – until it’s right.*

So You Don't Have To Do It Yourself

There’s no better way to spend a weekend than fertilizing, seeding and pulling weeds – right? Wrong. TruGreen knows your time is valuable. That’s why we developed comprehensive lawn care service – to be the perfect complement to general lawn maintenance. So after the mowing and watering, you’re done. TruGreen takes care of the rest while you enjoy time with family and friends, or just yourself. Isn’t it nice to have options? Contact TruGreen today to start enjoying more time for life’s important matters.

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Free analysis with plan // Backed by Healthy Lawn Guarantee

Getting Started with TruGreen

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